Acknowledge one another

I was away for five days this past week in a place that I had never visited and the thought that stayed with me upon my return is the warmth you feel when you acknowledge one another. I was at a wedding where I knew only a handful of people to begin with and at the start my insecurities showed up…’I don’t know what to say to these people’, ‘I am just a third wheel’ ( I was accompanying someone to the wedding), ‘I am shy and socially awkward’ and on and on it went. As the week went on and I met some of the lovely people that were there for the wedding what struck me was the warmth I felt when acknowledging another person in a positive way. I spent some time after I had met these individuals and found something in my heart that I found really special about them. I realized that all of these people that were at the wedding were beautiful in their own way. I had one particular moment where I teared up talking to someone when I found out that both of these people sat regularly by the hospital bed of my present partner who had a serious accident some time ago. It meant so much to me and it touched my heart to such a degree that I found myself with tears of gratitude in my eyes as I thanked these people. This was just a brief moment where I acknowledged another human being whose heart touched mine and made me grateful. We all have an ability to acknowledge one another…every day we can find something that we like about the person who is in our company and we can tell them what that is. It takes courage because in that moment you are vulnerable but it is better to tell them in this moment, in the now because who knows if you will get another moment to tell them later on. Things happen, unexpected accidents can occur and this moment is all you really have…so I ask you to acknowledge one another and let them know if you feel so moved how they touch your heart. This can also help if you are finding yourself in conflict with another person or an individual consistently pushes your buttons…find one thing that you can like about the person that you are having trouble loving…just find one thing that you can like about the person and whenever you are feeling negative about that person bring yourself back to that one thing that you can like about them. This will put you in a better state of mind, a more positive one that supports good relationships with other people…so acknowledge one another when you can…

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