The Physical Side of Healing

Tending to the physical side of healing requires self discipline and self commitment. Decide why you want to take better care of yourself. What will be the intended end result of taking better care of yourself? You need some incentive so set your intentions accordingly. What are you wanting to achieve? Why are you doing what you are doing? I can guarantee you will feel physically better from paying a little more attention to your diet and lifestyle. You will likely experience fewer colds and flus, you will have more energy, experience more consistent sleep and will have a better mood. After setting your intentions regarding the physical side of your healing, you need to create some action steps that will make the reality of this aspect of healing take shape and form. Focus on one aspect of your diet at a time and be consistent. It has been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. You want to make a change that you can maintain over time. This creates results. In my patients, I find that one of the biggest barriers to better physical health is too much sugar. I recommend for starters you cut out sugar for twenty one days. Don’t worry too much about reading labels – I am talking the overt sources of sugar – pop, cakes, scones, cookies, ice cream, muffins, donuts, etc. Cut out all these sources for three weeks. Initially it will be hard; you may feel grumpy or tired due to withdrawing from sugar. It will get easier after four days. I was a sugar addict in university so cutting out sugar was incredibly difficult for me but this is a change that I have maintained in my life. I can’t eat a little sugar because I soon become an addict again.  If you stick with it, you will lose your craving for sugar and get in touch with what your body is really craving (likely love). Sugar is highly addictive. It is not possible to just enjoy a little sugar – the more you eat, the more you want to eat. It affects opiates in the brain (which heroin also affects by the way). You will need a strong will to be able to do this.  See it as a challenge to yourself. Cutting out sugar will greatly aid the physical side of your healing. Your immune system will become stronger as a result and the level of inflammation in your body will decrease. You will age more gracefully as well. It has been said that sugar increases aging. Because it is not realistic to cut sugar out of your diet for the rest of your life; after you have been strict for three weeks, I advocate having a square of dark chocolate daily. This is maintaining the reduction of sugar in your diet while adding more value to your diet due to the antioxidants in dark chocolate – this is good for your heart and good for your mood. On special occasions, I do not expect you to refrain from treats; you can’t stop living but you do want to make some changes that you can be consistent with. Choose to eat sugary treats with some discretion.  See taking better care of your physical health as an act of self love. View your food choices this way as well. Spending more time on good self care; choosing to reduce sugar consumption is a loving thing to do for your body.


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